CORGHI | P21 for EF13

P21 detecting jacks are designed for lifting motor vehicles when carrying out wheel finish balancing and are ideal for use with Corghi fitted wheel balancing machines.

Thanks to these detecting jacks, CORGHI is able to offer the end-user a safe, practical and rapid product, which is highly advantageous as regards the reduction of working time.


Principal characteristics :

• The air-hydraulic operating mode allows rapid approach to the lifting point.

• The lift force is produced by an oleo-pneumatic cylinder powered by an air-hydraulic power unit, which is activated via a manual control.

• the "dead man" type lifting-lowering control means that all controlled movements cease as soon as the operator releases the control.

• The down-stroke control is pneumatically power assisted to prevent the detecting jack from lowering in case of a compressed air supply failure.

• The hydraulic circuit is equipped with a pressure relief valve which maintains a constant lifting power even if the compressed air supply alters.


Maximum capacity700 kg
Supply type Compressed air
Operating pressure 8 - 10 bar
Weight 23 kg