The ET77 has the best performance/price ratio, thanks to top-of-the-range features at the cost of a display balancing machine.
Low balancing speed, optimization of average balancing speed, 7 ALU truck and car programs, automatic acquisition of wheel/machine distance, adhesive weight application device, automatic weight application position search, visual wheel wobble inspection, automatic wheel type identification (truck/car), OPT FLASH and 200kg lift with safety handle: these features, together with its original design, make the ET77 an exceptional purchase with an excellent quality/price ratio.


• Automatic detection of the type of wheel fitted (car or truck).

• Automatic sensor for measuring the distance and for the application of adhesive weights in Alu P programs.

• Automatic position search (RPA): on completion of the wheel spin, the machine automatically positions the wheel in the weight application point.

• Automatic wheel clamping at the end of the spin

• Wheel-holder shaft clamping brake

• STOP button for immediate machine shutdown

• Lift equipped with safety handle to prevent wheel rollover and to facilitate handling procedures. The safety handle is also a handy flanges- and accessories holder.

• Cover with trays to take weights of all kinds and the most commonly used accessories.

• Automatic start when protective guard is lowered.

• Luminous digital dual display with 3D graphics.

• Three work environments which allow three different operators to work at the same time without having to reset the data.

• VEI (Visual Eccentricity Inspection), to check for wheel and rim roundness defects

• Unbalance values displayed in grams or ounces

• Option of displaying unbalances rounded up/down

• Balancing modes available:
- Standard dynamic on both sides of the rim
- Alu / Alu P seven different options for alloy wheels (with profile measurement)
- Static on one plane only



Car wheel balancing speed 120 rpm
Truck wheel balancing speed 80 rpm
Max unbalance value calculated 1990 g
Resolution 1 g
Average spin time for car wheels 8 s
Average spin time for truck wheels 18 s
Shaft diameter 46 mm
Rim width setting range for car wheels 1.5" - 22"
Rim width setting range for truck wheels 4" - 22"
Rim diameter setting range for car wheels 7" - 30"
Rim diameter setting range for truck wheels 12" - 30"
Max wheel / machine distance 400 mm
Max wheel width (with guard) 700 mm
Max wheel diameter (with guard) 1220 mm
Max wheel diameter (without guard) 1380 mm
Max wheel weight 200 kg