The electronic off-vehicle wheel balancers ET66 Motor and ET66 Manual have been designed to meet the needs of professionals mainly dealing with truck and bus wheels. ET 66 models, however, easily allow working on van, car and off-road vehicle wheels using the specially provided programs and accessories.

The digital display electronic wheel balancer ET66 Motor is the professional model in the range of truck wheel balancers. The machine is motor-driven, compact, easy to use and reliable.

The manual wheel spin version, model ET66 Manual, is particularly suitable for mobile road service, as it is compact and can be 12V operated.


• Manual brake for locking the wheel shaft.

• Cover with trays to take weights of all kinds and the most commonly used accessories.

• Unbalance data acquisition at variable speed

• Motor-driven wheel spin (Motor version) or manual (Hand Spin version)

• Dual luminous digital display

• Simple, user-friendly keyboard for data input and Program selection.

• Processing unit with 16 bit microprocessor

• 1g (1/10oz) resolution in car function and 10g (0,5oz) in truck function.

• Unbalance values displayed in grams or ounces.

• Balancing modes available:
- Standard dynamic on both sides of the rim
- Alu for alloy rims
- Static on one plane only

• Utility programs:
- calibration
- diagnostics

• Kit for external 12V battery power supply available on request ( for Hand Spin version only)


Car wheel balancing speed 120 rpm
Truck wheel balancing speed 80 rpm
Max. unbalance value calculated 1990 g
Resolution (car/truck) 1/10 g
Average spin time for car wheels 8 s
Average spin time for truck wheels 18 s
Shaft diameter 46 mm
Rim width setting range for car wheels 1.5" - 16"
Rim width setting range for truck wheels 4" - 20"
Rim diameter setting range for car wheels 8" - 20"
Rim diameter setting range for truck wheels 12" - 28"
Max wheel / machine distance 400 mm
Max wheel diameter 1320 mm
Max wheel weight 150 kg