BADGER METER | LMS RFZ High End system

The LMS-RFZ Oil management system offers wireless communication between all terminals and meters using the ZigBee radio technology. All terminals are creating a dynamic meshed  radio network in the workshop which optimizes the radio coverage and also enables the bridging of long distances. Mobile trolleys can be easily connected.

The system can be connected to a local Dealer Management System (DAS) by using a free programmable HOST Interface.


· Quick Installation

· ZigBee technology 2.4GHz

· Encrypted RF communication 

· Easy upgrades

· Includes PC software package (High End System)

· Connection for barcode reader included



Model Code Description
Master Terminal
LMS-RFHZAM Master Master Terminal, PC connection RS232, MS connection RS232, incl. FMS software for administration
Dispense Terminal
LMS-RFHZ2 Dispense-MID Dispense terminal without printer
LMS-RFHZ2 Dispense-PRT-MID Dispense terminal with printer

Model Code Suitable Liquids Outlet Form Outlet Valve
LM OG-RFZ-PDAM without outlet -
LM OG-RFZ-PNDAM PG1011 30° bent, rigid auto.
LM OG-RFZ-PNDAM PG219 90° bent, flexible auto.
LM OG-RFZ-PNDAM PG106 105° bent, rigid auto.
LM OG-RFZ-PNDAM-DC PG201 * 145° bent, rigid auto.
  • Lubricants
  • Water-based Fluids (e.g. Antifreeze/coolant)
  • * Slightly aggressive fluids (e.g.windshield), NOT for Adblue!