UNI LIFT - The specialists

The hydraulic scissor lifts of the UNI LIFT Series are the perfect solution for general repair, wheel alignment, test lanes and car reception areas. The UNI LIFT Series have lifting capacities from 3.500 kg for cars up to 5.000 kg for vans and commercial vehicles. All types of the UNI LIFT are available with flat runways, wheel alignment set and / or wheel-free lift as well several runway lengths.


• Redundant hydraulic system with two independent hydraulic circuits
• Powerful, quiet and long-lasting oil-submerged motor


• AMS – wheel alignment set with rear sliding plates and flat plates with recess for turning tables. Additional pneumatic mechanical latch for alignment purpose
• PLUS – flat runways with wheel-free lift
• PLUS AMS – runway with wheel-free lift and wheel alignment set


• Thanks to the redundant hydraulic system no safety mechanic latch is necessary.
• R-strong build with low profile runways and short access ramps save space in the workshop.
• No hard connection between the runways. More comfort and safety.
• Easy to install, 2 version above ground or flushed installation.
• Powerful hydraulic unit with oil submerged motor.
• Sliding blocks made from synthetic material glide on stainless steel guides and ensure quite operation and almost wear free mechanism.


Lifting capacity 4000 kg
Lifting capacity PLUS | PLUS AMS 3500 kg
Lifting / lowering time approx 35/29 sec
Lifting height 1920 mm
Runway width 635 mm
Runway length 4500 mm
Platform length wheel-free lift 1485–1945 mm
Drive-on height runway
195  mm
Drive-on height wheel-free lift + 50 mm
Drive-on height AMS + 18 mm
Total length above ground 6155 / 6355 mm
Total width 2120 mm
Power requirement 415V / 50HZ / 3PH