Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, buses, tractors and earth moving equipment with groove or elastic ring type rim wheels and with tubeless or inner tube type tyres.


• Turntable with two-speed rotation both clockwise and anticlockwise.

• Control module with ergonomic controls.

• Carriage with hydraulic left-right translation and tool arm with safety lock system.

• Hydraulic power unit.

• HD 900 can work with wheels weighing up to 1000kg.

• Special clamps with plastic insert for alloy rims (optional).


Max wheel width 1065 mm
Max wheel diameter 2300 mm
Chucking device capacity 14" - 46"
Hydraulic Unit motor 1.5 Kw
Gear box motor1.3 - 1.8Kw
Max wheel lifter cylinder capacity1600 kg
Max wheel lifter weight1000 kg
Voltage230/400 V 3PH 50/60Hz
Weight762 kg