w Equipped with the following accessories is the professional solution for the trucks workshops:
· Truck & trailer working procedure kit that includes the truck data bank.
· Wheel bracket 17,5” to 25” for trucks.
· 16 mts cable connection from main unit to CCD sensors. Specially for trucks.
· Kit of accessories for truck / trailer alignment.

w CCD sensor heads available in wireless or cable versions. Wireless version on 2.4 GHz industrial radio frequency. Battery charging on cabinet. The battery charger can support both the sensor heads and the clamps.

w Roomy internal storage space for protecting PC and printer. Document wallet. Professional PC.

w EXACT PLUS, the Corghi wheel alignment program for the most demanding professional. EXACT PLUS works with the multilingual Windows 10 IoT operating system. Clear, intuitive graphics, user friendly, complete and customizable.


Measuring Ranges
Total toe ± 48°
Half toe ± 24°
Camber ± 10°
Caster ± 30°
King pin ± 30°
Set back ± 22°
Thrust angle ± 22°
Steering angle ± 22°
Power Supply
Power Unit 90-260 Vac / (50-60 Hz) 1ph
Power Unit Consumption 0, 4 kW
Sensors 800 x 135 x 210 mm
Width x Depth x Height 800 x 630 x 1710 mm
With Sensors1350 x 1320 x 1710 mm