JULONG ~~ JL9511

Dismantle Tool For Shock Absorbers 

Isolators Long & Short can be adjusted to be the proper position from the above screw. 


Feature : 

• Suitable for various sorts of shock absorbers which can be dismantled from vehicles.

• To be operated manually; No electricity is needed.  The operation is quite easy.  It is both convenient and safe.

• Equipped with 3 types of string fixation device; various sizes all can be herewith.  The usage purpose is quite broad and far-flung.

• Fixation hole is attached to the bottom foot rack.  It can be fixed securely to the floor of work place or can be attached with flexible wheel for easy movement.

• Professional dismantler of shock absorber.  Equipped with many sorts of clamping device, can be be freely coordinated & matched for better usage.  This makes your job process safer and quicker.


Not available.